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About the Author

Señor Ledesma was born in Toppenish, Washington into a family of sixteen brothers and sisters. He spent my formative years working the fields and living in migrant labor camps throughout the Pacific Northwest. After his military service, (He’s a Vietnam Veteran), he attended Eastern Washington State College, now known as Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington. He earned a BA and M.Ed. His undergraduate studies were in history, sociology and anthropology.
His graduate studies were in counseling. He worked as a mental health therapist for thirty-eight years before retiring to write. He now spends his time chronicling his early years in an effort to educate those who still think their food is produced by grocery stores. He lives with his wife, Kendra, a retired high school mathematics teacher on ten acres in rural Sedro Woolley, Washington.

A Migrant Family's Journey

Migrant Sun and Migrant Earth chronicle the arduous and often dangerous journey of a family of migrant workers of the American Northwest in the twentieth century. The prose, poems and black and white pictures speak of a family laboring from sun up to sun down in pesticide saturated fields, living in dilapidated, rat infested labor camps unfit for human habitation.

You can follow them as they make the summer, harvest circuit from the fertile fields in Eastern Washington State’s Yakima Valley to Western Washington’s Skagit Valley and south to the Willamette Valley in Oregon and back again. These stories, poignant and touching are reminiscent of James Agee’s seminal 1939 book, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

America has always had a love/hate relationship with its migrant workers. The agricultural community of the nineteenth and twentieth century depended on cheap farm labor and the migrant workers from Mexico, Central and South America have always been more than willing to provided it. The demanding life of a field worker in America has always been a better option to the abject poverty and cruel violence they escaped in their home countries.

The contentious, divisive and often bitter political debate raging currently in America over immigration policy is simply another obstacle for the migrant workers to overcome. My writing sheds light on the migrant’s struggles and humanizes the families looking for nothing more than a safe place to live and work while providing the labor needed for America’s farmers.
It seems to me, erecting and managing a massive wall, thousands of miles along our southern border is a poor allocation of tax dollars and a bad alternative to comprehensive immigration policy that can benefit the migrant workers and the farmers they serve.

Through education comes understanding and understanding can lead to a benevolent and humanitarian view of those who sacrifice health and life to bring food to our nation’s tables.

These stories are of a journey of hope, sacrifice and hard work that brought a family through dangerous times to become part of the strong, diverse fabric that has made America the great country it is.


Señor Ledesma has read from his works at middle and high schools, museums, bookstores and libraries. To schedule a reading, contact him through this webpage,

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Published Books

Migrant Sun

Autobiographical fiction. A book of poetry, short stories and family pictures.

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Migrant Earth

Autobiographical fiction. A book of poetry, short stories and family pictures. The sequel to Migrant Sun.

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Tomás and the Magic Race Cars

A children's book about a young Mexican-American boy's journey to understanding his parent's divorce. One of the most touching books you'll ever read.

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Echoes of the Wind

A book of mystery and magic, coming soon.

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Latest News

  • Señor Ledesma will be reading some of his work at Village Books on September 4th.
  • Señor Ledesma is working on a new book, Echoes of the Wind. Check back soon to read excerpts from his new book on the Echoes of the Wind book page.